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Ministry Updates

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How to follow along with what we are doing...

We send out quarterly emails to our supporters and anyone else who wants to follow along with our journey. Our quarterly emails will be giving the main highlights of what we have been up to over those past three months, and are a wonderful way for you to keep up with our big things and for us to keep a general timeline of our work in Europe.  

If you would like to join our newsletter list, you can send us a message in the contact form below and we will send you confirmation of being added in.


We also have a WhatsApp community that you can join if you want to join our prayer request group. To join the WhatsApp group, scan the QR code below with your phone, and we will get you added in!

In order to keep up with more regular communications with our close support team, we will be posting short video updates every few weeks.  We figured sending out that many emails would be boring! And we love telling stories, so videos seem to be the best way to get more personal. We will post our videos onto our YouTube channel, and the button below will take you there. If you follow our YouTube page, you can be notified whenever a new video comes up, and can follow us closely.

If you know you are on our email list, but have not been receiving our letters, please check your spam and junk folders, and if you find us there, add us to your contacts. Hopefully that will help!

Contact Us

Phone: 219.869.3208 or 530.410.1771

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